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If One Piece teaches you how to pursue your dreams, then Gintama teaches you how to live on even if your dreams have shattered.

【Drawing by: 刘成文

Kondo-san, we shall protect your life. In return, you have an obligation to fulfill. To not die. Do whatever it takes. No matter how humiliating it may be… No matter how many squad members die before your eyes, you must live! As long as you’re here, the Shinsengumi is not finished! We joined the Shinsengumi because we wanted to be with you. You’re an idiot. Don’t think about such difficult things. You should live the way you want to live. We just have to protect you from everyone.

Kondo-san… You are the soul of the Shinsengumi. We are the sword that protects you.

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Sorry, I just had too XD

Am I the only one who noticed that, in the newest color spread,

Zoro is wearing blue


and Sanji is wearing green



I call it ZOSAN and no one could convince me otherwise!I

Yes, even the slightest and smallest things connect them and make me scream for the love of my OTP! THANK YOU ODACCHI!!

pics taken from shiroyoh’s photoset


One Piece Colour Spread + Palette / 


Alternate Post-Time Skip Designs
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Hijikata Toushirou

Zoro blew up my ovaries!
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