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~happily making gifs~

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Zoro blew up my ovaries!

and it keeps getting worse

Friends or Foes?


Lights of my life


Lights of my life

Once I know how it’s done, all there is is to write and complete my work and then we’ll start the real game.

Uh, I’m excited, nervous and scared but I really want to do this! I want to write and have my own book!


"Zosan is so canon the latest gifset you made proves it look at sanji feeling zoros muscles ;)"

Hey hey, I can take this in a funny way but that scene surely isn’t like that. :D

That scene is so powerful so full of feels and respect they have for each other. I love them and their relationship, they are firstly such great friends and then the sex buddies *-*

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Favorite Anime Characters 2/?                                                                Tokiya Ichinose

fairy tail’s hunks (≖‿≖✿)


This is so freaking awesome!

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